The summer is a busy time. Kids are out of school and most families take vacations. It’s still important to stay on top of your duties around the home. Summer home maintenance keeps your home in good shape and you’ll save money by handling repairs before they become major problems.

Summer Home Maintenance for Siding

Siding protects the interior of the house and structure from wind, rain, and snow. However, over time it shows wear and tear from the elements. Moisture, insects, and UV rays take a toll on the siding.

Inspect your siding regularly for loose planks and damaged boards, and make repairs as needed. Some types of siding require specific maintenance needs like painting and pressure washing.

Check your exterior paint. Maintaining exterior paint includes these three main steps: painting, cleaning, and caulking. If you live in a cold climate or somewhere with low humidity, use a sealant on your exterior paint. Sealant helps to protect your home from moisture and makes the coat of paint last longer.

Wash Windows Inside and Out

Summer window washing is as straightforward as it sounds. You’ll need a bucket, soap, scrubber brush, squeegee, a spray bottle filled with water or vinegar mixture, window cleaner solution, and paper towels. For second-story windows, you may also need to climb a ladder. Use ladder safety precautions and have someone there to spot you.

Have the AC Serviced

A regularly maintained air conditioner will use less electricity, which reduces your utility bills during the hotter months. Hire a professional HVAC technician to inspect and service the AC unit, including changing the filter and cleaning the components. AC maintenance helps to prevent an inconvenient breakdown.

Clean the Gutters as Part of Summer Home Maintenance

Gutters are often neglected in the summer because people think of this task as only necessary in the fall. However, if your yard has a lot of trees, debris will fall into the gutters and clog them up all year long. Include gutter cleaning as one of your summer home maintenance tasks.

Take a proactive approach to your home maintenance during the longer days of summer. This includes having a routine for cleaning, fixing broken items, and even landscaping tasks like mowing your lawn and weeding your garden.

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