Regardless of where you live, you may experience a power outage a few times per year. Some may last only a few minutes, while others could last for days. We have some tips that will help you stay safe during a power outage. Before you know it, the power will be back on, and life will return to normal.

Preparedness is Key

The majority of power outages aren’t planned. However, you can plan for the possibility of losing power. Make sure that you have flashlights ready in an easy-to-access spot of your home. Check them frequently to verify the batteries are working. Candles are another item to keep on hand in case you need extra light. Keep a battery-powered or hand-crank radio in the home so you can receive news and alerts during the outage. Make sure that you know how to open your garage door when the automatic opener isn’t functioning.

Turn Switches Off to Stay Safe During a Power Outage

Once the power has gone out and you have a source of light, turn off light switches and unplug appliances throughout the house. Leave one light on somewhere in the home where you’ll see it. Unplugging devices will protect your home’s electrical circuits from surges. Leaving a light on will provide you with an indication that the power has been restored.

Take Care With Candles

If you’ve chosen to use candles as your main light source, you’ll want to take extra steps to stay safe during a power outage. Make sure the candles are placed on flat, fire-resistant surfaces and away from the edge of tabletops. Keep flames away from upholstery, drapes, blankets, and bedding. If you leave the room, take the candles with you or extinguish them. Never leave a candle unsupervised.

Invest in a Battery Backup

Battery backup packs can be purchased online and in retail stores. Depending on the size of the battery that you choose, you can power your cell phone, a lamp, or even a refrigerator. You simply have to make sure that you’re keeping the battery packs charged when you have access to power. Charging them once every couple of months is usually enough for maintenance.

Use a Surge Protector to Stay Safe During a Power Outage

Surge protectors are generally affordable and they help protect electronics during a power outage. These devices manage surges and voltage fluctuations when the power goes out and comes back on. This is a great way to keep valuable electronics safe.

Once the power comes back on, there are some things you’ll want to assess. Check the food that was in your refrigerator. If it has been sitting for a few days without electricity, it’s a good idea to throw everything away. Any electronics that have issues should be inspected and repaired as needed.

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