With spring here, many homeowners are gearing up for their annual spring cleaning. While most people aim to clean every part of their home during this annual cleaning, they often end up missing certain areas. As you prepare for your cleaning spree, remember these spring cleaning tips.

Spring Cleaning Tips: Don’t Forget These Areas

While cleaning your home during spring should include basic chores like mopping the floor and dusting the furniture, remember to clean some of the less noticeable areas in your home too.

1. Clean Your Garbage Cans

Garbage cans are some of the dirtiest things in our homes. While these cans are used every day of the year, they are almost always overlooked when it’s time to start cleaning. Garbage can liners help to keep these cans protected from leaks, odors, and overflows, but they still need to be sanitized every now and then.

Cleaning your garbage can this spring will keep germs and bacteria from spreading throughout your kitchen. When cleaning your trash cans, take them outside and spray liberally with antibacterial cleaner. After letting the cans sit for 10 minutes, rinse them out and let them dry thoroughly before bringing them back inside.

2. Empty the Medicine Cabinets

While medicine cabinets aren’t filled with dirt and grime, they can easily become cluttered with expired medicine and unused products. Instead of letting these cabinets go another year untouched, target them during spring cleaning.

Go through all the medicine and products in these cabinets and determine what should stay and what should go. Old medicine should be disposed of safely so it can’t be consumed. Some drug stores will accept expired medicine and dispose of it responsibly.

3. Wipe Down the Blinds

Another one of the most important spring cleaning tips is to wipe down the blinds. As the blinds are opened and closed over time, they gather a mix of both dirt and dust. While most people don’t think about cleaning the blinds, dirty blinds can cause dust to be dispersed into the air. Start cleaning them with a duster and then use a sponge or wet rag to get the slats completely clean.

Remember These Spring Cleaning Tips

Keep these tips in mind to make sure the less noticeable areas in your home aren’t left out of your spring cleaning this year.

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