When it comes to selling your home, you should be aware of any issues that are present before showing it to potential buyers. Underlying issues that you don’t know about or don’t disclose may affect the buyer’s decision on whether to go through with the deal.

Here are a few of the main benefits when you schedule a pre-listing home inspection with a professional before putting your house on the market.

Schedule a Pre-Listing Home Inspection to Speed Up the Sales Process

If you want to prevent your house from sitting on the market for an extended period of time, consider getting a pre-listing home inspection to speed up the process. Buyers are more likely to make an offer if they feel confident in the condition of the house and if it’s worth the listing price. You can let them know of any repairs and upgrades you have already made.

With an inspection that doesn’t reveal any problems, you can market the house as problem-free and show the inspection report upfront, which can attract more buyers. By having a clear report on the home’s condition, you may also have more negotiating power because you’ll have a better idea of what the house is worth.

Perform the Necessary Repairs

If you schedule a pre-listing home inspection in advance, you’ll have the time to perform the necessary repairs on the property before you show it off to potential buyers. You can choose to replace the roof or address mold in the basement to make the home more attractive to potential buyers. You won’t have to worry about issues in the buyer’s inspection if you’ve already had an inspection and made repairs before listing the home.

Avoid Stress

A pre-listing inspection reduces stress when selling your house because you’ll know the condition of your home and have confidence in the buyer’s inspection. Without a pre-listing inspection, the buyer’s inspection may bring up problems that force you to rush and fix them or lower the asking price. It can also cause the buyer to walk away, perhaps the most stressful scenario.

You Can Save Money

Many sellers don’t realize that they can save money if they schedule a pre-listing home inspection before they advertise and list their property. If issues are found after a buyer makes an offer, it often means dropping the price for each repair that is needed. Buyers usually over-inflate the cost of each repair which reduces your final list price. When you have a pre-listing inspection, you can either price your home lower to allow for the repairs, or make the repairs first and get top dollar for your home.

Improve Buyer Confidence

You’ll give the buyer more confidence if you’re upfront about any issues that are present. You’ll appear more trustworthy as a seller since you’ve disclosed any problems in advance, which may make the buyer act more quickly. If you’ve made repairs based on your pre-listing inspection, have your home re-inspected and share the new report with potential buyers.

When you schedule a pre-listing home inspection, you protect yourself as the seller and will have a more smooth and successful sales process.

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