Whether you’re concerned about your impact on the planet or just want to reduce your utility bill, learning to save energy at home is a worthy goal. The tips below are quick, easy, and effective ways to use less power and save you money each month.

Replace Light Bulbs to Save Energy at Home

The average household has about 40 light bulbs. Traditional incandescent bulbs consume more energy than halogen, compact fluorescent, or LED bulbs. When it’s time to replace a bulb, switch to a more efficient type.

Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Washing machines and detergents work well enough that hot water is not necessary to clean clothes. A cool water cycle uses less energy and doesn’t add unwanted heat to your home during the summer months. If you’re concerned about stain removal, pre-soak any stained fabrics before washing.

Save Energy by Using Fans in the Home

No matter the season, ceiling fans can be used to help manage the temperature inside your home. In the summer make sure the ceiling fan rotates counter-clockwise. This creates a wind-chill effect, making the people in the room feel cooler. In the winter, set it to turn clockwise so the warmer air is circulated down into the room.

Only Run a Full Load

The dishwasher is great for making the chore of cleaning dishes easier. However, it does use a lot of electricity and water. Only run the machine when you have a full load; you’ll save energy and consume less water.

Take Shorter Showers

The water heater is one of the most energy-draining appliances in your home. Save energy by taking shorter showers. You can also insulate your water heater to reduce heat loss, which can save you 7-16% on your power bill over the course of a year.

Cook Less Often

Everyone enjoys a hearty, filling meal, but not all food needs to be prepared with the oven. Plan some cool dinners like salads or sandwiches with a side of fresh fruit. You won’t use any electricity preparing the meal and cooler foods are refreshing on hot summer days.

Change Air Filters

Your HVAC system will run more efficiently when you regularly change the filters. Most should be changed monthly, but check your manufacturer’s recommendation.

Turn Off the Lights When You Leave a Room

Small habits can turn into significant savings on your power bill. Turn off the light unless you’ll return to the room within 15 minutes.

Unplug Devices to Save Energy at Home

Computers, microwaves, coffee makers, and televisions are some of the appliances that continue to draw power even when they’re not in use. Unplug appliances when you’re not using them to help reduce your utility bill.

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