Water in the home from flooding, plumbing problems, or a leaky roof can do thousands of dollars worth of damage and create health and safety concerns. To minimize these risks, remedy water leaks as early as possible. Here are a few reasons you should take immediate action when you discover water issues in your home.

Remedy Water Leaks to Prevent Structural Issues

As strong and durable as wood is, it is quickly damaged by water. Wood can warp, weaken, or rot if it is exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time. Water leaks can also cause the foundation or footer to shift, cracking walls and causing windows and doors to bind in their frames. Sheetrock can soften and crumble, and flooring can warp and rot.

Prevent Health Concerns: Remedy Water Leaks as Early as Possible

Severe infestations of mold in a home can make the inhabitants so sick that they must move out or have the home gutted. Some species of mold cause persistent health problems for family members. Mold is directly linked to the moisture found within the home. Roof leaks, burst plumbing pipes, and dripping appliance hoses create moisture and help mold thrive. Find and repair leaks to help prevent mold in the home.

Appliances and Electrical Components Can Be Damaged

Water causes problems with wiring and electricity. Water leaking from the roof or plumbing pipes can come into contact with electrical components like outlets, light fixtures, and breaker boxes. Once this happens, the water intrusion could damage expensive appliances and possibly even start a fire.

Pest Problems Can Result

Certain pest problems go hand-in-hand with water damage, with termites at the top the list. The fragile bodies of termites cannot survive in dry conditions, and dampness sustains a colony that might otherwise have died out. As the colony grows, it will cause greater damage to the home. Other pests can also be attracted to moisture or the rot that moisture creates.

The best way to prevent these and other problems caused by moisture is to remedy water leaks in the home. Take steps to prevent leaks, keep your roofing in good shape, and maintain appliances.

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