A home inspection is an important part of the home buying process. An inspection is conducted so the buyer can better understand the condition of the property. A pre-listing inspection is helpful for the seller, too. When you know about any issues, you can choose to make repairs or adjust the list price accordingly. An inspection that finds multiple defects or major problems could be a surprise to both the buyer and seller. As the seller, it’s a good idea to prepare for a home inspection.

Prepare Your Home for an Inspection

Though the inspection process itself is out of your control, there are some steps you can take to prepare for a home inspection. Each of these steps will not only help the inspection go more smoothly, but they will help to put your home in a better light for potential buyers.

Order a Pre-Listing Inspection

One way to prepare for the sale of your home is to have an inspection before you put the house on the market. An increasing number of sellers are ordering pre-listing inspections to get a head start on any home repairs before the property is viewed by potential buyers. While this step isn’t a necessity, it is a good way to prevent surprises from your buyer’s inspection.

Clean Up to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Make sure that the inspector has access to everything he or she needs to see. If everything is not already moved out of your home, clean out spaces where an inspector looks, including closets, attics, and under sinks. This will give the inspector better access to your home and the areas he or she is able to inspect.

Prepare for an Inspection by Providing Access

Access is important in order for the home inspector to evaluate the home. Make sure that everything in your home is unlocked when you prepare for a home inspection. This includes cabinets, storage room doors, and utility closets.

Do a quick walkthrough to check that these areas are accessible. If any areas are locked, the inspector will tell the potential buyer that he or she cannot speak to any issues that may be found in those spaces. Simply keeping these areas accessible gives the buyer more confidence in the house.

Provide Documentation

Finally, a good way to prepare for a home inspection is to gather all of your maintenance documentation. If you’ve had anything repaired or replaced, have your receipts available to your inspector or potential buyers. This will show that you’ve cared for your home and that you took steps to remedy any issues. Having this paperwork goes a long way towards helping buyers feel more confident about making an offer on your home.

Make sure your home is accessible for inspection and provide relevant documentation on home maintenance. These steps will help the inspection and the sales process move forward smoothly.

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