Organizing your kitchen can feel like an overwhelming task. You want to have the appliances and utensils needed for food preparation without having too much clutter. Here are seven kitchen storage ideas to help you simplify your space.

Hang Pegboard

If you have empty wall space, hang a pegboard on the wall. Pegboard is inexpensive, easy to install, and customizable. The various hooks, clips, and baskets create organized spaces for utensils and other kitchen essentials. Using a pegboard frees up drawer and cabinet space for storing other items. Wooden pegboard is easy to paint to match your kitchen decor.

Use a Lazy Susan for Kitchen Storage

A lazy Susan is a flat, plate-like accessory that rotates. Use one inside the cabinet to hold spices, oils, or even household cleaners. Rotating the lazy Susan makes it easier to grab the item you need without reaching into the back of a cabinet.

Install a Pot Rack

To save space in your kitchen, hang a pot rack above the kitchen island or stove. It’s easy to reach pots and pans while cooking, and you free up cabinet space.

Organizer Trays

Use drawer organizers to keep utensils and flatware neat and contained. These space-saving items create a place for everything. Many organizer trays have adjustable dividers, so you can customize them to fit the kitchen drawers perfectly.

Baskets for Kitchen Storage

Baskets are helpful for storing various items. Purchase attractive baskets and set them on the tops of your cabinets. Keep out-of-season table linens and kitchen appliances that you rarely use stored there. You might add a basket to your countertop for storing produce.

Build a Kitchen Island

An island is an excellent way to add storage to a kitchen. These can be customized to fit your space and might include cabinets and drawers for stashing cookware and small appliances. The island can double as a food preparation space and a dining area.

A Roll-Out Pantry Add to Your Kitchen Storage Space

Use the narrow space between your refrigerator and the wall by building a roll-out pantry. This piece of furniture is used to store canned goods, spices, and other pantry items. Pull it out to select what you need and roll it back into place to keep it out of sight.

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