Thorough, Affordable, and Professional Inspection Services

During all inspections, Garza Inspection Services abides by the Standard of Practice (SOP) stated by ASHI and the State of Illinois Home Inspector Code of Ethics. Each inspection service entails a noninvasive walkthrough of the property, during which time we uncover system or component defects, major and minor repair needs, and the home’s overall condition. As long as we can access them safely, the following visible areas of the property will be included in the inspection:


✓ Roof penetrations

✓ Exterior

✓ Garage

✓ Drainage

✓ Insulation

✓ Ventilation

✓ Attic

✓ Roof framing

✓ Interiors

✓ Stairs


✓ Electrical

✓ Plumbing

✓ Crawlspace

✓ Windows

✓ Doors

✓ Balconies

✓ Patios & Decks

✓ Foundation

Thermal Imaging

We proudly use a FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera for no additional fee as needed during our inspection services. This tool, which shows areas of heat loss within home surfaces that the naked eye can’t see, allows us to perform a more detailed-oriented inspection. Areas of temperature difference shown by the camera allow us to determine if there are any leaks around doors or windows or other areas of moisture intrusion behind home surfaces.

FLIR Thermal Camera

free thermal imaging

as needed

Buyer’s Inspection

Buying a home is a large enough investment already without having to worry about unexpected repair costs popping up after closing or moving in. Home buyers can avoid these expenses and learn what there is to know about a property with a Buyer’s Inspection. We will thoroughly search the home for any visible issues the buyer should be aware of so that they can make purchasing decisions and negotiate repairs with their seller.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Home inspection services aren’t just beneficial for buyers. Before putting a home on the market, many sellers may not even be aware of some of their home’s hidden damages. During a Pre-Listing Inspection, we find the issues in the home before a potential buyer finds them on their own, giving the seller the information they need to make pre-listing repairs, increase negotiating power, and communicate honestly with buyers.


After a Buyer’s Inspection, repairs will be negotiated by the buyer and seller. After the repairs are finalized, a Re-Inspection can be scheduled. We will come back to the property with the list of repairs given to us, making sure that all agreements were honored and keeping both parties on the same page.

New Construction Inspection

It is better to find issues in construction before the final walkthrough with the builder so that they can be addressed in a timely manner. During a New Construction Inspection, we will search the new property for defects and oversights so that they can be repaired beforehand, leaving the home ready for the walkthrough and move-in.

New Construction Phase Inspection

There are many phases of the construction process, and if there are defects in one area, then the entire project suffers. During New Construction Phase Inspections, we revisit the property after each important phase to check for defects before the builder moves forward.

11th Month Warranty Inspection

When a buyer moves into a home that has just been built, they often receive a 12-month builder’s warranty that covers defects in construction. During the 11th Month Warranty Inspection, we thoroughly search the home for any issues that the warranty covers so the owner can request repairs in the final month.

Commercial Building Inspection

Buyers and owners of commercial properties should have the building inspected before purchase or use. We will thoroughly inspect the visible systems and components of storefronts, strip malls, and other commercial buildings.

4 Point Inspection

For insurance purposes, the only four of the home’s most significant areas may need to be inspected rather than the entire visible property. During a 4 Point Inspection, we thoroughly inspect the home’s roof, plumbing system, electrical system, and HVAC system for insurer use.

Loan Draw Inspection

Lenders need to have a full understanding of a home’s strengths, weaknesses, and projected repair needs before releasing funds. During the Loan Draw Inspection, we inspect the home for loan providers and draft a detailed report of all the information they need.

Roof Inspection

Roofs are an incredibly important part of a property. They provide shelter, comfort, and safety, so buyers and owners need to know that a home’s roof is in good condition. During a Roof Inspection, we search for any damage or leaks on the roof and help our clients better understand the roof’s materials and age.

Moisture Inspection

Moisture in the home can lead to costly structural damage and mold growth, but it often goes unseen until the damage is done. During a Moisture Inspection, we use a Moisture Meter and a Thermal Imaging Camera to find moisture intrusion and further investigate the source of any leaks.

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