When you order a home inspection for a property, you want to learn as much as possible about the property’s true condition. While many types of damage are visible, other issues may be hidden from view or difficult to detect without extensive experience and special knowledge.

When you order a home inspection with thermal imaging, you are able to learn even more about your home’s condition.

About Thermal Imaging

A standard home inspection relies on the inspector’s expertise and ability to make detailed observations. Thermal imaging is a specialized technology that identifies heat signatures or temperature differences. These are factors that an inspector cannot observe on his or her own. Heat signatures can provide vital details about the property. Here are some of the things that you might learn through a home inspection with thermal imaging.

1. Electrical Problems

Electrical wiring is insulated and should not give off heat. Likewise, your electrical panel should have minimal heat output. When you order a home inspection with thermal imaging, an inspector can identify hot wires or other electrical features that are giving off an unusual amount of heat. These might indicate a fire hazard and repair work may be needed.

2. Home Inspection with Thermal Imaging Locates Water Leaks

Water leaks are difficult to identify and locate without special testing equipment, however, leaks can cause significant damage and might cause mold growth. Thermal imaging is useful in identifying moisture in unusual locations. With this knowledge, you can determine if plumbing services are needed. Identifying water leaks as soon as possible keeps water damage to a minimum.

3. Insulation Quality and Effectiveness

Insulation will not remain effective indefinitely. Insulation is sometimes eaten by pests or damaged by water. It may slink downward in walls and leave some areas uninsulated. These are factors that lead to energy loss, drafts, and higher heating costs.

Because insulation is often enclosed in the walls or attic, it is difficult to identify issues in hidden locations. Problems with insulation can be found with a thermal imaging inspection.

4. Energy Efficiency

While ordering a home inspection with thermal imaging is an excellent way to learn about a property’s condition, it also informs you about the home’s energy efficiency. Leaky door and window seals, for example, are harder to identify without thermal imaging equipment. Even small leaks result in energy waste.

Through thermal imaging, you are able to determine which areas should be resealed and if replacing the windows and exterior doors with more energy-efficient models would be beneficial.

Ordering a home inspection is a convenient and easy way to stay informed about your home’s condition. Finding an inspector who offers thermal imaging services will tell you more about the property and will benefit you as the homeowner.

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