When building a new home, you have your own set of challenges and rewards. Because new construction involves many subcontractors who work on different home components, mistakes are a possibility. In this article, learn about why you should have a home inspection on new construction.

Benefits of a Home Inspection on New Construction

Order a home inspection on new construction to receive a professional third-party assessment of the work that is being done. You can have inspections completed throughout the building process in different phases that may catch something that will be covered up later.

A Home Inspection on New Construction Prevents Future Surprises

Most builders give new homes a one-year warranty. After the expiry of the warranty, you will end up carrying the responsibility of repairing any defects. It won’t matter that the issue might have arisen from the original construction. Having a home inspection on new construction will help you discover a mistake before the warranty expires.

Maintain Resale Value

If you decide to sell the house you had built, you want to be confident that it was well-constructed. Every homebuyer is likely to get a home inspection. Any deficiencies that date back to the original construction will be discovered during an inspection. Deficiencies bring down the value of the house.

Fix Problems Before Moving In

The construction of a home involves a variety of different subcontractors. When a subcontractor works on a particular segment of a house, he or she may not have regard to the other house systems.

Since separate activities coincide, the general contractor may overlook an error in construction. Some issues that can occur include:

• Broken roof trusses
• Unattached HVAC ducts
• Mold in the attic because of a roof leak
• Raised roof shingles

Have the Builder Repair Defects

Inspecting a new construction house before closing on the sale will help to catch issues before you are responsible for the repairs. Common problems that can be identified during an inspection include wiring and plumbing defects.

Spending a few hundred dollars for an inspection before moving in is less expensive than having to fix a major issue yourself.

A proper home inspection on new construction will bring to light issues that you may not know exist. It will also provide you with tips on how to improve and maintain your new home’s condition. An inspection will teach you a lot about your new house.

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