Garage storage is a source of stress and frustration for many homeowners. Dusty bins full of unknown items are kept in the garage along with car-care supplies, unorganized tools, and out-of-season home decor. Take time to clean and organize your space. Check out these five garage storage solutions to get your belongings in order.

1. Streamline Garage Storage by Decluttering

The first step in reorganizing your garage is to determine what actually needs to be stored there. Creating a garage storage plan can quickly become overwhelming if you’re distracted by items that you don’t want or need.

Carefully consider each item you currently have in your garage. How recently have you used it? Would anyone really miss it if it were gone? Is storing the item a source of stress? Getting rid of outdated and unused items is the first step in organizing your garage.

2. Stash Lightweight Items With Ceiling Storage

Unobstructed overhead space is necessary, especially if you have the added height of a luggage rack on top of your vehicle. However, there may be some space near the ceiling that you can use for storage.

Ceiling storage provides a creative way to get bins off the floor if they contain lightweight contents like holiday decorations or pool equipment.

3. Stack Storage Bins on Wall Shelves

To keep big bins or boxes out of the way, install shelving units that make use of your wall space. Boxes on your garage floor take up too much space and stacking them on top of one another makes it difficult to access the contents.

Set up wall shelving units to store bins in a way that frees up floor space and allows you to easily reach items.

4. Make Use of Pegboard for Garage Storage

Pegboard is very customizable and gives you a place to store frequently used tools where you can see them. The wall behind your garage workbench or tool chest is a great place to install pegboard. Another perk of pegboard is that you can easily rotate out seasonal items like gardening tools by simply rearranging the pegs.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

If you are reluctant to purchase another new shelving unit but still have a few items that need a home, take a do-it-yourself approach to garage storage solutions.

Unused plastic window planters can be affixed to the wall to form floating shelves. Use a large trash can for tool storage. Glue clothespins or chip clips to a board for a wall-mounted garden glove and sun hat holder, or screw sturdy hat hooks into a stud to keep extension cords coiled out of the way.

Garage Storage Solutions Should Work for You

The first step to finding the most successful garage storage is to determine what you actually need to store. Look for ways to downsize so you’ll have far fewer items to organize. Make use of underutilized spaces in your garage, such as walls (install shelving) or overhead space that’s perfect for ceiling track storage. Bring in the adaptability of pegboard to customize your garage storage, and take things a step further by finishing things off with a few creative DIY tricks.

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