Many homeowners want to work on their houses during autumn before it becomes difficult to do so in winter. Here are 8 of the most rewarding fall home improvement projects to focus on before colder weather hits.

1. Repaint the Front Door

Your front door is the first thing visitors see as they approach. With lots of social gatherings taking place through the fall and winter holidays, your front door will likely see more visitors. Make your front door fresher and inviting with a bold new paint job.

2. Fall Home Improvement Projects for the Deck

Take care of your deck this fall so it will fare better throughout the winter. Replacing cracked boards, sanding, staining, and sealing will help your deck stay in better condition underneath snow and ice.

3. Exterior Upgrades for Fall Home Improvement

Exterior upgrades like new siding or paint are great fall home improvements. These projects not only improve your home’s aesthetic but also protect the outside walls from the elements.

4. Replacing the HVAC System is a Rewarding Fall Home Improvement Project

An old, inefficient HVAC system may be too expensive, too unreliable, or too ineffective to get you through another winter. A new HVAC system will save you money on bills, increase comfort, and give you peace of mind all winter long.

5. Gutter Cleaning as Fall Home Improvement

Gutter cleaning is a rewarding fall home improvement project. The onslaught of falling leaves has probably left your gutters full of debris. Clogged gutters and freezing temperatures are a bad combination. Standing water in the gutters may freeze and expand in cold temperatures and cause damage to your home. Clean the gutters during the fall to make sure rain and snow are directed away from your home.

6. Improved Windows

Drafty, single-pane windows can take a toll on your energy bill during winter. Replace old windows with new, energy-efficient ones. They’ll let more sunlight in,  provide greater security, and improve energy efficiency.

7. Pressure Wash the Exterior

It’s a good idea to pressure wash the siding, deck, and patio twice a year, during fall and spring. This is a rewarding project because it is affordable and makes your property look new.

8. Roof Repair or Replacement

A sturdy roof is essential for keeping your home in good condition. Roof leaks can quickly escalate and lead to major damage inside. Have your roof inspected in the fall so that any needed repairs can be made before winter weather arrives.

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