At all times of the year, homeowners want to keep the temperature of their homes comfortable without wasting energy. One way to do this is by having energy-efficient windows. While replacing your windows with more energy-efficient windows is the most effective upgrade, it is also quite costly. The following are a few alternatives to buying and installing newer windows that will help keep your home at the optimal temperature.

Repairs for Energy-Efficient Windows

Inspect your existing windows for any necessary repairs. This includes broken glass, rotting frames, and other broken parts. Damaged windows result in air leaks, which waste energy. Not only are you losing the warm or cool air that your heating system or AC is producing, but you’ll also be causing more wear and tear to the HVAC system. Damaged windows during the winter can also lead to water leaking into your home, which causes mold and mildew to spread and water damage around the area of the window.

Look for Air Leaks

Some air leaks are not noticeable because your windows don’t exhibit any major damages. They may have air leaks simply because the windows are older and have loosened in their frames. In order to find any air leaks in your windows, pick a particularly windy day and make sure all windows and doors are closed in your home. Turn off all fans and walk around the windows inside of your home with a lit incense stick. You’ll be able to tell if there are any air leaks with the movement of the smoke. Use caulking and weatherstripping to seal air leaks.

Install Storm Windows

Storm windows can be installed as an interior panel or as an exterior attachment. Storm windows help keep cold air from leaking into your home while trapping warm air inside. Look for storm windows with a low-E coating to help reduce radiation heat loss. A low-E coating can help you save between 10 and 15 percent more energy than storm windows without low-E coatings. In addition to helping keep your home warm and saving energy, storm windows will help protect your windows from damage during harsh storms.

Use Window Treatments for Energy-Efficient Windows

Window treatments, like blinds or drapes, don’t just help provide privacy to your home, they also help to insulate the windows. By keeping them closed at night, you’ll be helping to keep warm air trapped inside. Open them up during the day to allow your home to collect as much natural warmth from the sun as possible.

These are four ways that you can make your home’s windows more energy-efficient, thereby keeping your home warm during the winter while saving energy at the same time.

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